About Us

About Us

We are:

Christians, just Christians.  We serve the risen savior Jesus Christ.  We are living this life in the hope and expectation of the next life.  We want to live eternally with God; in His presence, in His glory, with His Son Jesus Christ.

A family that serves one another.  We care for and about our brothers and sisters in Christ.  We uplift one another with encouragement of a spiritual nature and support one another in times of trial.

Students of the Bible.  We engage in Bible classes that encourage home study and a safe conversational atmosphere that helps us learn more about God's will for us.  Check out our Bible reading calendar and follow along as we read through the Bible

Worshippers of the one and true living God.  When you visit you will find a sincere, well organized, reverent worship atmosphere.  We pray, sing, partake of the Lord's supper, Preach the word of God and take a collection from the members of our church.  We do not solicit funds from our visitors.

Welcoming.  You are welcome to visit.  There's no dress code and no pretension.  Please stop in for a visit to one of our Bible classes or worship services.  All of our services and Bible classes are listed on the calendar.  We'd love to meet you here.